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What is Ballot harvesting?

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    Locating vote-by-mail individuals who are either too disinterested (or in many cases too decrepit) to want to cast a vote and then"helping" them pick the right candidates so you can add that ballot to the rest, usually at the last minute so as to overturn a previously accepted result. This is legal in my state and is starting to spread to other states. So if you have a relative with dementia or some other condition that make them incapable of casting an informed vote you should take measures to get them stricken from the voter rolls so they're no longer mailed a ballot. 

  • Tmess2
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    Ballot harvesting is the label applied to people going out and picking up absentee ballots/absentee ballot applications from other people.  

    In some states, only the voter (or if the voter is disabled, a relative or member of the household) can place the ballot/application in the mail box or deliver the ballot/application to the election authority.  In other states, there is no restriction and anybody, including people working for a party or candidate, can pick up the ballot/application.  

    The fear in the states with restrictions (and it is not unreasonable) is that the people picking up the ballot can toss out ballots if the person voted the wrong way or fill in votes in races that the voters skipped.  There is also the fear that the harvester may pressure the person into either applying for an absentee ballot or vote a certain way.  

  • 5 months ago

    It's when people have no interest in voting but get sent a mail-in ballot anyway, and a Democrat operative pays them for the ballot.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I think it’s when you hold a political rally and pay people to attend.

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