Do I have bed bug infestation? ?

My parents had them while I was living with them & I recently moved out. I only took my clothes & I bagged them washed them and then washed them again before I brought them in my apartment & I brought my bed frame I washed it out before I brought it in. But I haven’t seen two big ones. After that I took all my linen and washed that and scrubbed my bed and carpet with boiling water and bleach, then vacuumed it. What else can I do I cannot afford a professional, please only helpful answer back. Thank you! 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Instead of washing the sheets put them in the dryer . Heat kills those things... nothing else besides Bed bug spray  . So if you see them on your mattress headboard or something use a really hot steamer . Then cover your bed in PLASTIC (Sealed tight)!! Leave it on until you are certain you don’t see anymore or You haven’t been bitten . If all fails burn everything.. . Lol it’s a joke but definitely throw it out . Good luck with that

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