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What materials were Liam Neeson's Qui-Gon Jinn costume made of?

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    Total Star Wars nerd here and I almost got a job in the movie costume ahop. Learning about the costumes was an obsession for a while. They used Onasberg cotton,  slub weave linen, wool gauze, smooth wool gabardine and fabrics that had a rustic hand woven look. I'm not sure if this is still canon but a Jedi Knight was supposed to choose and hand make some if not all his/her robes. Along with the construction of the lightsaber and selection of the color of kyber crystal the robes and lightsaber color helped a Jedi define his or her identity.  Padawan Jedi dressed the same, Knights were allowed individual expression and Masters all were dressed different from each other. Back to your question: the costume department sourced fabrics that had a rough home spin hand woven appearance. Onasberg cotton has more texture that plain broad cloth. Linen was almost a no-brainer. Wools are a traditional robe fabric used in historical monk's robes. Also the fabrics needed to be easy to move in and had to be cleanable. These natural fibers all fit the criteria and looked good on film. 

    Source(s): Me. Total Star Wars nerd who came this| close to a job in the costume shop for Revenge of the Sith
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