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How do I train them ? ?

I got 2 male kittens 2 days ago and my 3 yr old 100 pound male dog is like scared of them. He just observes them and I have picked up the kittens and have let him smell them but he like licks them and then proceeds to like open his big mouth and i tell him no and he keeps doing it but  im not sure if hes trying to rip their heads off or if he’s trying to do do something else. He hasn’t attacked them yet but Im scared he will one day when im not home . One of the kittens does puff up when he sees him but other times he walks straight to my dog as if to play w him but my dog runs away when one of the kittens aproaches him. 

How can i make them get along ? 

My dog is well trained and listens to my commands.  Although when he sees another dog he wants to run up to them to smell them in a very straight way that sometimes causes the other dog to react agressive which has caused him to get into a dog fight.I want him to stop bcs when i take him out on runs and theirs another dog coming I usually have to hold onto his leash real good so he isn’t able to go to the dog or sometimes he yanks me . 

How can I make him get along with other dogs?

Last question. 

I trained my dog very good for the most part except on that socializing.I have never trained a cat so im not sure if they are any different than a dog when it comes to understanding what is right and wrong.

These are my first kittens ever so how do i train them to be good inside friendly cats so they don’t destroy my apartment?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    99.9% of what you posted is immaterial.

    Want information on how to train cats?  Post in the cats section.

    Your dog is "well trained and listens to your commands" but he's gotten into dog fights when he has run up to smell another dog?  That doesn't sound well trained to me.  My dogs know "stop" when they hear it.

    Good luck to the kittens.

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  • 1 month ago

    Why  on Earth are you asking in Dogs section about training Cats  Blue ?

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    Source(s): Do you like hiding in laundry baskets also by any chance?
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  • patty
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    1 month ago

    he has probably had a bad experience with cats

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