Which cooking recipes make you feel like your curing Leprosy?

The kinda ones that make ya go BAM! When you're done cooking it.

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  • Janet
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    1 month ago
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    This one is my latest fanatic recipe. I wolfed it down over a few days, and now am going back to the store for more ingredients.

    I used ground chicken since there is no ground pork being produced right now (at least not in my area). The chicken balls/dumplings have more flavor the next day as the fresh ginger root and green onion flavors work into the meat.

    I gave a bowl of it to my neighbor across the hall (I live in an apartment) and she asked for the recipe.

    It is SO easy and quick to make, and when I guy more ground chicken tomorrow and make more soup, I am going to also make some sticky-rice (as the recipe suggests) as a side dish.

    Note ... I used baby bok choy instead of cabbage. It is not only more nutritious .. it is also sweeter.


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