Converse hurting right pinky toes?

Okay what should I do If my converse hurts my pinky toes on my right foot. My left foot seems fine. I have two different size feet my left is 8.5 and my right is 9.5. No matter what size I get it still hurts my pinky toes on my right foot. Should I get the wide width converse or what about the chuck 70s I don't want to stop wearing my favorite shoes. Is there any insoles that would help or what else can I do. Sorry if it's too long.

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    4 months ago
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     The right shoe is too big. Your pinky toe is rubbing against the side of the shoe,(inside of course). This will cause your toes to become sore. You dont want to go wider. That would make it worse. Loose shoes will make your feet slosh around in the shoe causing it to rub against the inside. In my sole opinion. You should see an Orthopedic Doctor. They will help you. Sorry you are having problems. 

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