As a parent, what was the single biggest challenge teaching your child to read? (Will be teaching 3 little ones this summer :)?

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    2 months ago

    All 3 will be learning a different way and at a different rate. Don’t expect what works for one will work for all three.

    Have patience. It can get frustrating. And you can not be frustrated because they will pick up on that.

    My son had some learning disabilities that made learning how to read difficult. Phonics didn’t work with him.  You need to be adaptable to what they need,   My daughter fell right into it but was a slow reader.  Still is an adult.  I would say the very best thing you can do is read to your children all the time. From when they are babies. Creat a love for books. 

    My son has high comprehension when he reads.  His LD problems didn’t  slow down his love for reading.  

    My daughter, who was an A student throughout her education, would always pick a book well beneath her grade level to read. Best advise I got was from my niece (who is an elementary reading teacher) who told me  to let them read any book they want to.  As long as they are reading. Not to push.   

    Have many books out for them to grab and look through themselves.  

    At night if they couldn’t sleep they were allowed to turn on their bed side light and get a book, a real book. No electronics. Not that we had them back then. As  adults I still tell them no electronics at night in bed. Pick up a real physical book. Start them off that way,

    They are not going to sit for long for you.  So teach words and letters all day with normal activities.

    I would  have words up on the fridge. When we went out I would point out words to them. Stop on a stop sign. They started pointing out words they recognized.  Especially at a grocery store. 

    Learning and playing board games can help. 

    My friends had word signs plastered all over her home.  The door and a sign that said DOOR. 

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