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Unemployment benefits determination ?

I've seen some discussions about unemployment eligibility etc etc on unemployment discussion pages on Facebook. It's making me curious how eligibility are being determined? I know a guy a in 2018 he told me he got laid off around 2015-early 2016, but his same company that was in the process of moving the job/company out of state, they asked him to work but because he was collecting unemployment he accepted his pay in cash. Some how he got caught and owe IRS $4000. It made me wonder beside he avoided to pay taxes, isn't what he was doing considered as filing unemployment fraud too? Now that I heard he got laid off from his most recent job, I wonder if he'll be eligible for unemployment this year during the pandemic? I don't talk to the dude anymore. I'm just curious because I feel like if these crooks get away with committed unemployment fraud and gets approved again, it's not fair for those that are desperately need it that got left out in the "black hole" and haven't got paid for 7-9 weeks after approval. 

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    people need to be honest with them when theyre applying for it

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