Which low price ADAT I/O Audio Interface to use with Behringer ADA8200?

I bought the ADA8200 to record drums and would like to see what my options are for usb interfaces or PCIe soundcards eith ADAT I/O. 


1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    The unit you have is an input expander rather than an interface in its own right; an add-on for an existing multi-channel interface.

    Going through several sites, that Behringer expander is pretty much the only device with ADAT connectivity for much less than 1000-

    ADAT normally only exists on multi-channel interfaces.

    There were one or two things like sound cards that has it, eg. a Terratec EWS 88 - an old PCI card, long obsolete.

    You would be better off sending that back and get such as a Focusrite or Presonus interface that has all the inputs you need and USB connectivity.

    I have an eight channel ADAT expander - but on a Presonus Studio 192, which costs about three times what your expander does..

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