What happens if I get married after submitting FAFSA?

Hi! So I’m wondering what would happen in this scenario:

College student submits FAFSA October 2022, marital status single. Gets financial aid, etc by February 2023. March 2023 this student gets engaged. June 2023 they get married. Aug 2023 start college. 

What would happen to financial if your marital status changed like this? Do you have to resubmit fafsa in June with a changed marital status  or would you just put married in the next FAFSA that you do in October 2023? 

This is super theoretical; hasn’t happened but I’m curious what to do in that scenario. 

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  • nancy
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    1 month ago

    In most cases, if the marital status was correct on the day the FAFSA was submitted, it is not updated during the year. So, if you have already submitted the FAFSA for 2020/21 as unmarried, that will (most likely) remain your marital status for this year even if you marry at some point later on. If you are married on the day that you complete the next FAFSA, than that is the marital status you should use. Schools technically do have the discretion to change marital status in certain circumstances, but this is rare, and usually involves other issues beside just getting married.

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