Is Computer Generated Imaging software widely available to normal people?

I saw someone on youtube say people should not dismiss Bigfoot, Ghost,& UFO videos, as CGI because CGI is only available to professional hollywood special effects people. Is it possible for an ordinary non-hollywoods person to use CGI at home to fake mouths moving on paintings, statues blinking, dolls moving, gnomes in their yard etc?

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  • 1 month ago

    It is widely available and you can even do it on free software. Hitfilm express is a high powered video editing thing (with tons of tutorials out there) and it is free (yes, you can pay a bit to add on more effects and things but even that is cheap compared to other software) but you might already have a pretty powerful editor on your computer. Blender is free open source to make 3D  modeling software if you want to go that route also.

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