I think I blew out my back?

So this morning around 5 am I sneezed and my whole back hurted. I just barely turned 21 and I workout but I haven’t done any back workout for a week. So far it doesn’t hurt but I can feel it. I put icyhot strap on my back which I’m hoping for it to atleast make me feel better or get rid of the feeling that I feel. Also yesterday I was wrestling but I’m sure I didn’t hurt myself cause I wasn’t slammed or anything which afterwards I was kicking my muai Thai pads. Also I was benching which I properly arched my back to perform a proper bench. Any help or tips please??

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  • 4 months ago

    You didn't blow your back out from sneezing-

    What happened was you dislodged a disc(s) in your back! Your spine is held together by a series or levels of discs, and if the spine is moved the wrong way, a disc or discs can be dislodged which causes severe discomfort. Given your age and strong bone density, there's no feasbible way that sneezing would have caused a disc to dislodge, I would argue that you did it when you were wresting and doing kicking motions!

    My first recommendation would be to go see a doctor and get xrays, to see the extent of the damage! It's very plausible you may need surgery to put the disc or discs back into their normal place, and recovery time takes 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal. The fly in the ointment is that a lot of hospitals aren't currently doing non-elective surgeries, so, if you need surgery, that's going to be a long time wait.

    In the interim I recommend you do several things:

    1. Pick up robaxcet or motrin, and take that as prescribed every few hours. This will lessen the pain, and it will loosen the back! 

    2. Avoid any and all physical lifting

    3. Avoid sitting as much as possible- The goal is to straight OUT the spine, and when you sit it curves it, which makes the pain that much worse.

    4. When you sleep- Make sure its in bed, in a flat position! Use 2 pillows, one on your head and the other where you blew your back out.

    If you do those 4 things, your back will heal and the disc can slip back into its normal place, without surgey. However I need you to understand this, its a temporary solution, because the disc will still be loose, and any wrong movement can cause the disc to slip out again, and you are back to square one.

    The key here is seeing your doctor, and most likely surgery, if you want your back to not have issues as you get older, its imperative this occurs! Yes you will be laid out for a month, but its temporary, and you will not have back issues as you get older.

    I have been where you are more than once: The first time I blew my back out was back in 2017 by tripping on the sidewalk, it was the worst pain I've ever experience, and the spasms lasted on/off for 2 days, followed by 2 weeks of stiffness. The second time was just after christmas last year, I was actually heading out of town for the weekend but I was carrying a heavy bag upstairs when I moved the wrong way. While the spasms weren't as intense as the first time, I was bed ridden for close to 3-4 days, and it was a solid week before I could even shower. 

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