why the hell are cellphone companies soldering batteries into their cellphones?

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  • 4 months ago

    Soldering saves on manufacturing costs. 

    At the cheap end of the phone market there is a lot of competition and huge sales. So not installing multiple-part servicing joints throughout those phones saves a few pennies on each phone. A few pennies soon adds up when some models sell in multiple millions of units.

    Cheap phones are also usually just built to barely last their typical 2 year contract, and by the time their batteries are knackered they‘re often not worth repairing. 

    Soldered batteries don’t mean a battery cannot be replaced, but it does mean that you need a soldering iron, a desoldering tool and a little bit of skill. But if you have those then it adds next to no time to the job.

    More expensive phones generally don’t use soldered joints. Those phones are expected to last longer and at those prices there’s not the same pressure to aggressively save costs. Expensive phones are also far more likely to be worth repairing occasionally, so it makes sense to fit servicing joints which can easily be disconnected and reconnected.

  • 4 months ago

    From what I read, cellphone companies would rather make their phones waterproof than allow customers to change batteries.  So new ones are coming out that can't even be opened!

    What's really happening, I think, is that studies show that very few people keep a cellphone more than two years, so they're designed to last that long and then who cares?

    I think we may end up seeing two separate classes of cellphones.  One will be for big companies that do two-year contracts, so they can 'give' you a phone and replace it every two years.  Those will be cheaper, sealed, mostly un-upgradeable.  The other class will be for no-contract, bring-your-own-phone companies, and will be a little more expensive but serviceable so you might decide to keep one for longer than 2 years.

  • 4 months ago

    Theyd rather have u buy a new phone not a new battery

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