June 21 2020 Solar Eclipse in Cancer?

Not really sure where this will hit on my chart/life... the eclipse is at 0 degrees Cancer, my ascendant is 1 degree cancer... so my first house starts at 1 degree cancer.. does this mean the eclipse will be in my 12th house??? or the 1st house??? very confused :/

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Eclipses were never used much in natal astrology and for good reason.  They rarely produce anything.  They were always part of the mundane astrology hierarchy.  It's only relatively recently that we've been "treated" to the alleged importance in nativities.  If they represent anything it manifests in mundane astrology not natal. 

    That being said we can teach ourselves to think of them properly for a change.  An eclipse is a lunation, a solar eclipse occurs on a new moon.  The difference between an eclipse and any other lunation is that they occur near the ecliptic.  It is a long held axiom that the closer a planet is to the ecliptic the more influential it is.  Therefore an eclipse is a strong lunation or both the Sun and Moon are strengthened. If you don't use lunations normally, don't bother with the eclipse.  Since the Moon rules your ASC, if you do pay attention to lunations, you're probably driving yourself crazy twice a month.  The progressed Moon is probably way more important in your chart. 

    Your other question regarding the 12th and 1st houses is far more interesting and important. I would say the eclipse occurs on your ASC and if you want to use them, this would be important.  The House question is more complicated. 

    The ASC is the first house cusp in most quadrant house systems.  The word "cusp" comes from the Latin "cuspis" and it does not mean dividing line, but rather most sensitive point.  Originally the Latin referred to the tip of a spear or sword where all the energy is concentrated. So based on something written by Ptolemy (which may or may not mean what a lot of people think it means), the house begins 5 degrees before the cusp and the cusp is the most sensitive point within the house.  However within these five degrees the sign can't change. In your case that puts the eclipse in your 12th house. 

    However, if you use whole sign houses (a non-quadrant system), all of Cancer is the first house and the eclipse is a first house event. This is too complex to explain in full here.  Since the eclipse isn't all that important in natal astrology, it really doesn't matter. Since the traditional meaning of eclipses in mundane astrology is negative, watch your health. 

    As an FYI, there are several eclipses each year, if you use even limited aspects, you're bound do know someone who has an eclipse hit a sensitive point every time. 

  • Snoopy
    Lv 6
    4 months ago

    But they said there isn't much going on in the skies in June.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Astrology is magic not nature and no statistics exist for magic. Nobody can show it works and how it works.

    Believing in astrology is going to keep you in a state of confusion. Give your birth data to ten different astrologers will result in ten different readings. Due to the fact astrology never 'knows' anything. It’s blind guessing. Janet explained her point of view, full of weasel words. 

    Why should eclipses be so exceptional? What happened on the last one? The whole world is in on it. Does the same thing happen to everyone? Or just one twelfth of the population? A shadow is casted on Earth for a matter of minutes. Modern science can tell you exactly when, where, and the duration of solar eclipses around the world.  Exactly. 

    The sky is always changing and astrology doesn't adapt. It's still pretending it’s two thousand years ago for its charts. 

    If you’re serious about the Tooth Fairy science, why are you here? Wouldn’t you have a superior reading by a paid professional? Settling for less because it’s free? Astrology is great for making excuses. It must be great to see yourself and everyone else as programmed robots. 

  • Janet
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    Yes, the eclipse occurs at 0:21 Cancer (0 degrees, 21 minutes of Cancer).

    We only count an eclipse if it makes a conjuntion, square or opposition aspect to:\

    (1) one of our 10 natal planets, or

    (2) one of our 4 "angles" (the Ascendant, Nadir, Descendant, Midheaven).

    And we only count it if the aspects is within 4 degrees of #1 or #2 above, AND if it is "applying" (which means that the degree of the eclipse is lesser than the degree of the planet/angle it is going to make an exact aspect to).

    So yes, you do have an applying conjunction of the solar eclipse to your natal Ascendant.  

    And yes, since 0 Cancer is in your natal 12th house, the eclipse happens in your 12th house.  

    It will affect both your subconscious emotions (the 12th house) and how you show those emotions as part of your "social mask" (the Ascendant).

    Whether or not this is positive or negative depends on what aspects your natal planets make to your Ascendant, since those aspects indicate what part of yourself you show to others as part of your superficial social mask ... and since the eclipse will trigger those natal aspects.

    But because the eclipse happens in YOUR 12th house, it's impact onyour social mask behavior will not be conscious, and not be

    If the eclipse was in a degree later that your Ascendant, it would not move ONTO your Ascendant, since it would already be past that point, and you would not have an effect from the eclipse.

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  • 4 months ago

    My ascendant is Cancer too.

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