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Have I changed the appearance of my feet by not wearing socks?

I have a bit of weird problem and I'll do my best to explain it.  My feet seem to be stained permanently , I've noticed this for awhile but have really just begun to be concerned about it.  The staining it mainly on the top of my feet, on my toes, and around my ankles.  Not so much on the sides or on the bottoms of my feet.  It looks like my feet are a little dirty or have a bit of an orangish tint to them.

 I'm 40 years old and I've worked in a warehouse for a few years,I always wear Pull on work boots, Wolverine or Ariat boots is what I usually have.  

A couple years ago, I got into the habit of wearing my boots to work without wearing socks.  I have 2 pairs of work boots I always rotate between, usually the same color or close. 

So, I'm wondering if the marks are caused by the dye in the leather or by the insides of the boots rubbing against my skin?  I'm also thinking that, with the boots running on my ankles and the tops of my feet, that it could be from broken blood vessels that have long since passed.  

The marks/stains don't really fluctuate or change, kinda of like birth marks.  I'm a white guy of eastern European descent, so I have pretty light skin.    

Any ideas? thanks. 

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    I can understand not wearing socks with sneakers, or boat shoes, but in boots?  I don't like to wear socks either and hardly wear socks in my sneakers even in the Winter time.  Maybe you can find another pair of boots that look a lot like sneakers, and they may be more comfortable.  Otherwise you can find a pair of socks that do not get bunched up while you are wearing them in the boots. 

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  • 2 months ago

    We need pictures. Many pictures.

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  • Albert
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    2 months ago

    One, your going to need to see a specialist that's going to know their stuff in this case. People wear socks as a cushion and wick one's sweat away from them. If you don't, the odds of really rank feet likely occurs. That's just nasty and I wouldn't suggest such.

    Professionally, I maybe wrong, but the thing you should ask yourself is why I'm I posted the above comment above?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Why would you wear work boots without socks in the first place?  That will be bad for your feet, and you could get blisters on your feet. 

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  • ron h
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    2 months ago

    work boots, physical labor and NO SOCKS?  Why?  Wear socks this summer and see what happens.

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