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Where do you think is a better area to live, Orlando,FL or the Bay Area?

I have a family of 4 and I am strongly considering moving to Orlando from Oakland next year.

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    Which is better, is subjective.  I think ultimately it depends on what you do to make a living and which area has the better opportunities for you.  Regardless of what you do to make a living you won't get paid as well as you do in California in Florida.  

    Although Florida is largely made up of people from other parts of the USA, primarily the northern states, it still has southern roots.  There are a lot of rednecks that live in Florida.   As gypsyfish said, be prepared for culture shock.

    Politically Florida is the complete opposite of California.  If you're a fan of liberal politics you won't like Florida politics, again culture shock. 

    The summer weather is hot and humid.  Unless you've lived somewhere with high humidity (CA isn't one of those places, nor is anywhere west of Kansas) you can't appreciate the humidity.  Summer in FL is very different than summer in CA.  Pretty much every afternoon in the summer there is a thunder storm, with a lot of lightening.   Winters are great, however Orlando is far enough north and inland that there can be some pretty cold nights January - March.  You can count on having some level of interaction with a hurricane, even if it's just anxiety as one approaches from the Caribbean. 

    I know the traffic in the Bay Area is probably the worst in the nation, but I4 going through Orlando and primarily on the western side (toward Tampa) is pretty bad too. However, you won't have a multi hour commute.  Florida and in particular Orlando  has experienced pretty significant population growth in the last 10+ years, where the infrastructure is being overwhelmed.

    Source(s): Lived in many places in the USA, including southern CA. Currently living in FL, on the gulf coast.
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    Be prepared for culture shock. Florida is very different from California. The best thing about Orlando is that you can be at the beach on either side in about an hour- hour and a half, and there's much less traffic than in the Bay Area. 

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