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As a stud dog owner what rights do I have?

Before anyone comes at me the person interested in my dog has won competitions and has a great pedigree line, so for anyone concerned it’s not a BYBers thing that most and yes I include myself on this list hats.

My dog is 2 years old and has is not proven as a stud, I was told there is normally a stud fee or a first pick of the litter but the guy said because he’s an unproven dog it’s usually free with no picks of litter, is this true I really don’t mind if it is because if he has pups and they win competitions etc and my dog fathered them it’ll look good for him and honestly I never got him for that purpose I just got he as a pet. 

I just want to know if the guy is trying to pull a fast one because I don’t know about studing dogs or anything etc. 

My dog 2 years old German Shepherd Btw 

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    If you 'got him as a pet', then please keep him as exactly that.   I know it's flattering to be asked by somebody but don't be.    Ten to one if there are problems with the offspring, it will 'all be the fault of the stud dog'.   This is how it is!!

    After I'd used them myself, on my own bitches, my boys were, if I felt suitable, offered at public stud ... 'to approved bitches only'.   Which meant I had to feel the pairing would produce puppies worth having and that was done by knowledge of the pedigree of the b itch, her background, and visibly seeing whether she was a quality animal, without the same fault as my boys had (and they all have faults - the secret is not to double up on the same faults!).

    I took a stud fee up front.   I didn't get into all this puppy back, and certainly wouldn't have given anybody first pick - all this would have been in writing, in a Stud Contract.   If by chance I liked the litter, once born, I might buy a puppy, a separate agreement. 

    With an unproven dog, most owners wouldn't take a stud fee until the litter was on the ground.   And although mine weren't available until proven, my Stud Contract also stated that a free repeat mating would be granted if no puppies, and further that 2 or less puppies didn't constitute 'a litter'.  But such agreements are unique to each stud owner, and b itch owner.

    You have admitted that you don't know about  'studding dogs etc' all I can urge is that you leave him as a much loved pet - once a male is allowed to mate, he'll be looking for the next one .... which probably won't be there unless the dog is a well known top winning (in the conformation ring) animal.

    Even if at one point we did have two dogs at public stud, fact is I turned away more enquiries, than I accepted.   Because I didn't want my dogs back of sub-standard offspring.

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    What competitions has he "won"?

    What testing have you done on the hips?

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    This is a long one but I think you’ll want to read it 

    A guy tried something similar on me he never said his dog was a champion or anything he said champions were through the bloodline which they were, I saw this on his 5 generation pedigree certificate from the kennel club itself, but then I spoke to someone who knew the guy and his response was and I quote was “Yes I know Jamie his dogs are in great condition but he breeds like ****” that last part was enough to tell me no my dog isn’t going anywhere near him because clearly he’s a money grabber, he tried the free stud thing because my dog was unproven, then when I said no he said I’ll give you £100 because I really want a litter from him. My dog also has champions in his bloodline btw so he wanted a multi-champion bloodline to try and flog. Also he was persistent on my dog being health tested before anything was even agreed (which he was) After I said no I found out he pulled the same thing on another young guy who agreed with everything he went on to make I believe around £4,000+ on the pups because he sold them at a shocking high price. The guy who’s dog was the stud basically got nothing in return because he didn’t have a stud contract.The guy who owns the bitches yes I said bitches because he breeds more then 1 dog  he’s a cliche BYB he looks for unproven/young dogs so he never has to pay a fee which sounds similar to what that guy is trying with you.From that point I decided to never stud my dog ever because the whole breeding game is full of nothing but money grabbers and con artists, I’ve been offered stud fees ranging from £150-£300 and have turned it down time after time because the likelihood is that the breeders are people looking easy money then when they realise they need to put something into it they blow up the price because they want the £ more then a successful quality show worthy dog.If his dog was a champion then no offence he’d breed it with other champion breeders he’d have met a shows/events that his dog has competed in and won. He’s doing the same thing the guy tried with me.

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    normally pick of the litter where i live

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    The PERSON interested in your dog has won competitions and has a great pedigreed line?  Interesting.  How about the dog?

    This is backyard breeder "stuff."

    Yes, you don't know anything about studding dogs or anything, etc.  On that we agree.

    SO when you take your dog and the guy with the great pedigreed line takes his dog to the Vet for physical examinations and approval to breed, ask the Vet.

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    You are heading towards BYB as the person who you contacted or they contacted you are exactly that....asking on here a world wide Q&A forum, shows you know zero about breeding, breed lines, pedigrees and same with them........... you have a pet GSD unless it is fully tested, hip scored and a full champion which at 2 yrs old it needs to be, what about each line? What are the scores of its parents/grandparents and the other dogs?..........  THEN you go back to the good quality championship dog breeder you purchased from and if you purchased him as a pet, it means it is not up to standard and should never be used, it is is then that breeder will want to know the other dogs pedigree ( which they are likely to know if it is shown) and will wish to see all the health cert tests and offical hip scores BEFORE they advise you

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    If your dog was as high quality as you are trying to say he is, you would not be on here asking questions. You would go to the breeder that you bought the pup from to see if there is a breeding program that your dog would fit in. See if your dog is good enough to be used as a stud dog. Have you already done the genetic testing, got certifications where needed?

    I think you are a want to be BYBer cause you don't know what you are doing or how to go about doing what you want to do.

    I would NEVER buy a GSD from a BYBer or anything other breed for that matter. If you do not know what I am talking about you are just a BYBER want to be. & I do not help BYBers.

    If your dog was the quality you claim it to be people would be knocking down your dog for a chance to use him. But they are not & you don't have a dog worthy of breeding.

    How many Champions do you have in the Pedigree? NONE?

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    4 months ago

    Is he going to charge you for "an evening's companionship"

     with his female?  Or "child support?"

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    Since you don't know much about this and this guy seems shady, he sounds like a back yard breeder. A friend of mine allowed his family pet Dalmation to be used as a stud once and he felt the dog's entire demeanor changed, He became more aggressive , could be a coincidence but think about it, talk to your vet about it.

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    What you are "entitled" to is whatever YOUR STUD CONTRACT SAYS.

    What kind of "competitions" has your dog won? Does he have points or titles on his name?

    What are the results for OFA? CERF? BAER? Pennhip? His cardiac exam? Vwb test? IVDD genetic test?

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