Adding light dimmer to 4 gang switch box also ceiling fan question on same switch box ?

I want to add a dimmer for my lights in a 4 gang switch box.   The first switch runs the lights I want to use a dimmer on.   The second and third switch will run one fan blades turn in and off and other fan lights on and off.   Last switch runs an outlet.   

Question is would I need a 3 way dimmer switch for the lights to work on the dimmer then connect the 2 red wires to the black wires running to the second switch then the green to geeen and the black to the line wire coming into the box?  

Next question is for the second and third fan and fan light switches do I just separate the blue and black fan wire to the 2 black wires in the ceiling instead of tying them together for separate switches for the fan and fan light?

Thank you for any help you can provide    

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  • 4 months ago
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    the usual dimmer switches come with instructions for multi-switch setups. just follow them. of course, the dimming effect can only be done from one location, the other switch will simply turn the light on and off at the set by the dimmer brightness

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    4 months ago

    What ever you do do not run the fan on a dimmer .

      It will cause excessive a excessive current which could start a fire 

       You best to keep the fan separate . 

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