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Can you chose the name of your adopted child?

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    Depends on the age of the child, amongst other things. They'll usually have a name on their birth certificate, and if ypu want to call them something else, you'll have to legally change it during the adoption process. This wont present problems for an infant, but a child who has had a few years to get used to their birth name might have problems adjusting to a new name, and its generally easier to allow them to keep their given name unless you have specific reasons not to do so

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    In infant adoption, yes, the adoptive parents generally name the child.

    With older child adoption, it is less common.

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    The mother giving the baby up for adoption might name the baby for birth certificate purposes.

    The parent actually adopting the child might change that name at the point of adopting.

    If the adoption is taking place on the day of birth - then the adopting parents might have the choice to determine the name that will be on the birth certificate.

    Many of these issues could be part of the adoption agreement .  Some of these issues are based on the age of the child when they are adopted.  

    The age of the child sometimes determines if the adopting parents would change the name.  It is a little harder to change the name of an older child that has already become accustom to answering to their name.

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    You can. But the adopters will rename the child for you.

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