What is the next step-up clarinet?

I currently own a beginner Bb clarinet. I was hoping to upgrade to a step-up instrument, but I am unsure of what the next level would be called. I think two steps is an Eb?

1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    Step up has nothing to do with the pitch - and an Eb clarinet is something else entirely. "Step up" means a better QUALITY - going from maybe a $200 clarinet to a $1,000 clarinet.  For future reference - there are TWO Eb clarinets - one is smaller, and higher in pitch - the other is longer, and often called the alto clarinet, since it is lower in pitch.  Then there is the bass clarinet - in Bb.  After that, there are folks who have built even larger ( and smaller ones) - mainly to prove they CAN - but those extreme sizes are seldom used.

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