Is my brain damaged? Or are these issues psychosomatic? Maybe a bit of both? (Please see comment)?

For about 5 years now, I have been suffering from somewhat debilitating issues originating from (what I believe were) multiple traumas to my head over the years, leading up to the present day. I believe my brain is damaged and, and every further insult I receive to my head brings on symptoms and anxiety.

Whenever some motion of any degree occurs with my head, I usually begin to worry and I begin to experience manifestations of damage like headache, fogginess, and general malaise. Those are typically the extent of my symptoms. These occurrences can range from me hitting a pothole on the road, (which causes my head to move up or down, forward or back) to my over-ear headphones being suddenly jerked on my head due to it getting caught on something. I don't know if my brain is just more susceptible to damage now, or if this completely made up.

(Info continued in comments)

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  • Mike G
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    1 month ago

    It's all in your head.

    • Jay1 month agoReport

      That is reassuring to hear. Are there some particular details in my story which brought you to that conclusion? Just curious. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Just about any problem that occurs along with worrying and anxiety can be difficult to sort out.  At one extreme, all of the symptoms could be from anxiety, and at the other extreme the anxiety could be caused by symptoms of a medical problem.  And there's a whole spectrum in between with both problems to varying degrees.  Since you know you have anxiety, that might be the thing to consider first.  If the symptoms arise after you start worrying, you can be fairly certain its an anxiety issue.  If the symptoms arise out of nowhere without be aware of doing anything to your head or worrying about something, there may be a physical problem triggering the anxiety.  . 

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    • Jay1 month agoReport

      (2/2) However, when I reset after a night's sleep, I realize all symptoms are gone for a short while, and they gradually ramp up in conjunction with my wakefulness and awareness.

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