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Are males really more into Sci-Fi and females more into Fantasy? If so, why?

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    Based upon my experience, no.  I admit that this may be generational - I'm over 50.  But I got into sci fi when I was a kid, mostly because of Star Trek.  Many of my friends, all of us girls, were seriously into sci fi.  The guys were more into fantasy, which I mostly chalk up to Tolkien.  My nephew, who is 21, is a sci fi fan.  I don't know if that's due to gender, or due to me telling him to read Dune when he was 11 years old (which he did) and giving him sci fi novels on a regular basis.  My niece is more into horror.  Again, could be my fault - she watched Zombieland when she was 10 years old and loved it so I exploited that by giving her horror novels.  I like to take my duties as a bad influence seriously.

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    I'm not into scifi at all and my roommate is into romance novels and valerie bertinelli

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