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Why do your ears pop when you are in an airplane? ?

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    The air pressure within a "pressurized" passenger aircraft is not consistent.  If your ears are more sensitive than average, you'll notice all of these cabin air pressure changes:

    1.  When the last open exterior door is closed.

    2.  When the last cargo compartment door is closed.

    3.  When the APU is started (usually kept running from previous passenger unload to next loading).  The APU (auxiliary power unit) produces compressed air and electricity.  Compressed air is for starting the engines and for pressurizing the aircraft.

    4.  When an engine is started.  (The APU usually does not need to run while any engine is running.)

    5.  When an engine changes speed, like for takeoff.

    6.  When the flight crew adjusts the cabin pressure controls.

    7.  Some changes in elevation may cause the cabin pressure to change, such as descending from 8,000 or more to below 8,000 and especially changes below 8,000 feet.  The pressurization system tends to target outside air pressure when the aircraft is safely low enough.  Different models of aircraft have different maximum pressure differentials.

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  • 1 month ago

    Because they do.  Although, most newer planes have a lower air pressure which helps alleviate this problem for most people

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    The pop is due to pressure changes -  your eustachian tubes are equalizing

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