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Are used BMWs and Mercedes cost a lot to maintain and repair even if you do the work yourself?

I always hear not to buy used German cars since they are over engineered and that after 3 to 4 years their resale value plummets, they start having many mechanical failures and repairs cost a fortune. I wonder if that can be offset if you can do your own repairs. 


I'm referring to newer models used German cars. The older ones were said to be very reliable. 

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    Those cars need a special tool for just about everything on the vehicle. Parts are very expensive.

    I wouldn't buy a BMW period. I can see why people like a Mercedes but you need to have enough money to pay a good Mercedes mechanic to do most of the work for you.

    Ever do a rear brake job on a car with electric parking brakes? Have fun.

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    You can do SOME  of the repairs and maintenance, yes, BUT,  a lot of maintenance and repairs require specialized tools that you cannot afford to buy and you cannot even rent some them. That's the "gotcha", especially when it comes to diagnostic tools, forcing you to pay expensive shop rates at a German car specialist or dealership. 

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    What does 'over engineered' mean? German cars are superior to most American cars. The whole of Europe drives them. Even Greek taxi drivers drive Mercedes. I suspect the rumour you heard was spread by American car manufacturers who are stuck in a rut. Used Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda all use the same proven engines and running gear. They are very reliable and simple to maintain. BMW, Mercedes and Porsche will be more expensive to maintain as they are luxury cars.

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    i have an e39 ..bmw528i .1998 ..apart from a small leak ..water pump runs perfect .with no further cost from new ..serviced once a year ..still looks like new ..expensive??

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    You will need a dealer level scanner with directional control features and maybe a graphing meter and an o-scope to fix many problems on these cars.  These scanners are over $4000.  Good luck.

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