Can I work as an esthetician with a cosmetology license?

So I went to cosmetology school wanting to learn more about makeup but later noticed it was mostly about hair! Which wasn’t a big deal for me since I still enjoyed it but after finishing school I realized I really don’t want to do hair at all and want to focus more on skin care and all that good stuff about esthetician’s! (at the time I didn’t know what an esthetician was otherwise I would’ve gone to school for that lol) So basically what I’m asking is, can I still work at a spa (preferably med spa) working on facials/body wraps/chemical peels and all that with my cosmo license? Or do I HAVE to go back to school to become an esthetician? I don’t really have the money for it at the moment so I really hope I don’t have to lol. Also, I live in California! 

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