I am trying to connect my old acer monitor to my new Lenovo laptop?

I bought an HDMI to VGA adapter to connect my Lenovo c930 laptop to an Acer x193w monitor. The laptop recognizes that the monitor is connected but the monitor displays "

Input Not Supported 


I have changed the resolution size and this did nothing. 

I went to the Acer site and downloaded the X193W Vista WHQL Driver, then went to display settings on my laptop. (these are the steps I took)...  - Advanced Display Settings - Display 2: X193W -  Display Adapter Properties for Display 2 - Monitor - Properties - Driver -  Update Driver - Browse my computer for driver software -  (clicked on the downloaded driver). 

It then said that the best driver for the device was already installed- Generic PnP Monitor.

The monitor still displays Input Not Supported

Not sure where to go from here, would really appreciate some help!!

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  • A.J.
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    So, you want to connect a really old monitor worth in the USA as about $25 which is a 16:10 Aspect ratio and only 1440x900 resolution and is the lower end version of monitor with no DVI digital input and only VGA analog to an expensive Lenovo Yoga C930 that shows Thunderbolt-3 USBC output and implying a thunderbolt to Hdmi to VGA which proper HDMI to VGA must include a digital to analog processor or won't work.

    Really much better to plug it into a modern tv or buy a new or used monitor of larger size and resolution and has a digital input.

    Since you neglected to show what cable with digital to analog built-in it is hard to know whether it should work at all. You still need to deal with audio also.

    Yes, could be a driver issue also, since the laptop is Windows 10 and the display driver is written for double obsolete Vista.

    Get a newer monitor 1920x1080 with a digital input as your best solution.

    I do not know when they produced that monitor you have, but nothing was changed since year 2011.

    You have a beautiful new technology laptop and trying to connected it with a monitor that should have been discarded 4 or 5 years ago.

    The operating system compatibility is wrong, the digital to analog is highly questionable, the aspect ratio is not a good match, the resolution is low end considering you can support 4K. 

    2020 technology is not meant to be used with year 2011.


    New in the USA starts at about $80.

    Name your country, and look for used ones if you can't get a new one. 

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  • 2 months ago

    maybe you should bring it to a computer place and let them help you with it

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