Women: If a guy has cheated on you, or guys have cheated on you, have you not stopped to think that maybe the problem is not them -- but YOU?

I feel a little bias around this argument and I know I would get a lot of salty answers from this. But almost every guy I've noticed who meets a girl, who I'm interested in, and never even get a glance from, I know within an INSTANT whether or not the guy is going to cheat on them. But because hey, I'm "too boring" (do nothing different from your boyfriend I'll ******* tell you that) or "too ugly". But no, those handsome, bad boys you keep picking.. it can't possibly be MY fault that a guy has cheated on me!!!! GET A GRIP

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  • Ana
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    4 months ago
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    I agree with you. Although on a moral level, it’s technically nobody’s fault if they get cheated on...

    On a logical, factual and intellectual level, I agree that girls who continually date guys who cheat over and over, and keep going for the player bad boys that have no desire to commit, are kind of doing it to themselves. These girls are intentionally and deliberately choosing the wrong kinds of guys, so they have only themselves to blame on a logical level

  • 4 months ago

    That's good point, but ain't gonna happen, they will always find a way to blame significant other. 

  • 4 months ago

    Of course it's the cheater's fault. If they think you're boring, or don't like you, or whatever, they should just break up with you. Cheating is selfish, but more than that it's cowardly. Yes, if you go out with someone you know is a cheater then you shouldn't really be surprised, but at the same time, the cheater made a conscious decision to treat their supposed love one badly - that's 100% on them.

  • Jerry
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    4 months ago

    I think that women should avoid creating a no sex without commitment dynamic. Or no sex without love, whatever. No matter how a woman words this, many men are going to hear "All I have to do is promise to be true and I GET LAID! Hell yeah, I promise" or "All I have to do is say I love her and she'll ... "

    You get the picture. That kind of dynamic is essential asking to be lied to, asking the guy to pretend a great level of commitment than is really there, to proclaim love where it isn't there. "Tell me the lies I want to hear and you get a reward" is not a good way to handle the guys. 

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  • 4 months ago


  • You are the one who needs a grip, nobody is going to justify your manipulation.  If you aren't into someone, then break up.  Don't try to justify screwing behind their back.  You cheat, you're in the wrong.  No question.

  • 4 months ago

    The problem with your argument is that you fail to acknowledge that a person (male or female) never HAS to cheat... they could always just... wait for it... break up if they're not happy or satisfied !! Wow, what a monumental idea, huh?

    There are many reasons why men and women cheat. Most of them boil down to consistently having their needs (physical, sexual, emotional, financial, etc) unmet by their partner. If your needs are continuously unmet, rather than cheat, doesn't it just make more sense to end the relationship? I mean jesus christ, nobody is forcing you to stay in an unhappy relationship. Just leave if you're not happy or satisfied. Or at least address the issue with your partner and give them a chance to meet your needs. That is what an honorable man or woman would do. A dishonorable/dishonest/inconsiderate/selfish person would just cheat instead.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    People who cheat while just dating...that's on them.

    Infidelity in a marriage, while ALWAYS 100% the choice of the cheater, doesn't indicate that pre-existing relationship problems are 100% the fault of the cheater.   They usually aren't.    IMO cheating is often a symptom that the couple either lacks the relationship skills or commitment necessary to get the relationship back on track.  There is usually plenty of blame to go around (which still does not excuse someone choosing cheating as some kind of "solution").

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