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In Golf size should not matter right? Height - Weight?

1). Golf is NON Contact sport and you are not guarding anyone.

2). Is see golf as more of a hobby than a sport really. Which business men meet and strike deals.

3). Golf is over hyped as a sport. It takes more brains then physical ability because you need to know how to work and navigate the course.

Happy Gilmore may have the long drives but his terrible putting game will always cost him.

Gold is 95% mental and 5% mental. I may even say 98% and 2%

My Main Point is that a 5'4" 115 lb man should have every dam right to play the game since there is no contact involved.  


Also you are not required to run around you can walk the course or take a golf carts.

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    Your question.. Does size matter?  I know very good golfers who are short, about your size, & guys that are big, but not like Charles Barkley big.. Big guys advantage is that they have bigger swings & likely hit the ball further,. Disadvantage is that swing is harder to learn to control.  Smaller guys who are athletically compact are usually very good golfers.  As far as golf courses being open---Yes they should be.  Social distancing is easy on a golf course.

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      Yeah I figured Golfers to be more average sized people that don't need to be muscular

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