Leopard Gecko eye problem, what should I do?

My leopard gecko is around 3-4 years old. He has been in coconut fiber substrate for most of his life, and has two hides. He has a tank the size for a bearded dragon. Before the coconut fiber he had the green carpet substrate, he had this for around 2 years. Recently (this month) he has lost 5 toes. I believe from a bad shed since it seems his shed has been sticking to him recently. This has never ever happened before. He has always had good sheds etc. Now all of a sudden (this week) he won’t open his eyes. They look slightly swollen and whenever I pick him up or move something in his tank he won’t open them, he is also very sluggish throughout the day. (Sleeping a lot even in the night) When I pick him up he acts normal and alert just no eyes opening. He is eating and has calcium. He also drinks water, yet he isn’t going to the bathroom much. His diet atm is just mealworms because when I moved to coconut fiber he wouldn’t eat crickets. He will only eat from the bowl and only if you move it in front of his face (done this all his life). I have changed his substrate to paper towels this week and want to give him crickets too because I feel I should have changed his substrate sooner and gave him more crickets. That’s on me. Does this sound like something? I am going to call the vet this week but I want to know if this sounds like something before I do. His eyes are also glazed over and look cloudy the last time I saw his eyes open.

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