How does this plan sound? Just wanna see if anyone has some advice.?

Hello everyone I’m currently 19 years old and headed to college for Forest Technology. I plan on becoming a forester for DCNR near where I live. I created a plan for this year and wanted some extra advice on my plan. This is my plan. So I’m currently working for a gas company making $17.50 an hour and I’m planning on saving up all my money to go towards my college. I’m going to be done working there the last week on June and I’m gonna drive to Montana from Pennsylvania to see my friend who is in the Air Force. Then when I get back I’m planning on getting a job at a local grocery store stocking shelves so I can do that while in college. Probably making $10.00 an hour. Does anyone have advice in the career field of Forestry, college loans, or long drives like the one I’m making to Montana? Thank you any advice is greatly appreciated. 

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