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Can the police track down an prank call that was done by an burner phone app over wifi?

So my friend did a prank call while I was on Skype with him. I tried convincing him not to but he did it anyways. He used a burner phone app and swatted a gas station stating that he was a suicide bomber and was going to blow the place up. He later drove the gas station and sent me a video with a bunch of fire trucks, 6 deputy cars and 2 ambulances. He thinks that he cannot be traced as he claims in his own words "no one can trace a number from a burner phone app over wifi, especially if the phone that was used to make the call is an unlocked old iPhone with no service and no sim card. Can the police track him down if he used that burner phone app ?? I'm just curious 

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    They would be able to track the source all the way back to the burner phone.  At that point, since the phone has no service attached to it, or is using a number that has no name attached to it. it would be difficult for them to prove that you were the owner/user of the phone.

    If it was a serious crime, they could get a warrant, raid your house, and look for the physical phone.  For something like this, they would not waste their time.  Even if they could prove you made the call, you would not face jail time or anything for doing it.  You might face a civil law suit for harassment.  But the police would not be involved in that. 

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    Why not call the local police department and ask to speak with an officer.  Go over your story with them and ask them if they will be able to track down your friend.

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