I had a situation where I asked a friend to confirm to head out to eat?

But I texted him but he thus ignored the message so he was being a fake friend! How do people expect to make friends when they can't even keep their appointments, now he's bragging on his Facebook about his new GIRLFRIEND. 🙄

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  • 2 months ago
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    You chose as a friend a guy who has no social graces. I wonder how he managed to snag the new girlfriend? Maybe she's a bit dopey. She'll leave him when she wakes up. Luckily, although you are upset, YOU woke up VERY quickly and realised what a flake he was. You are better off without him aren't you. Stop looking at his FB page. He's missed his chance with you and is now history isn't he. I'm sure you have better friends than him. Move on dear. You don't need him.

    • Frankie2 months agoReport

      Wow thanks I appreciate it. 

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