My grandpa was secret Jew. My mom's grandma were Jewish Indian (Sassoon perhaps). Iran is a problem for me to stay Jewish. Any help?

They are not giving me passport to leave Iran easily to follow Torah. Iran intel called me once and I went they warned me not to be non Shia. EVEN I HATE SHIAISM, they force me. I read Quran, AND it is clear Shiaism is false. I read Torah, and loved it, and believe in it. I had rabbi friend. And I am practicing Torah in spite of their warnings. They started to press me again. Any help???????

I hate Shiaism, but they are risky for my life...



we aren't Arab, too...

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago
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    you are a fool , have you not heard

    of the chinese philosopher saying

    "i see no evil, i hear no evil, i speak

    no evil"

    Whatever religion you want to follow is

    your personal choice, but for now

    pretend that you are a shia muslim and

    get that passport, then leave Iran forever

     Then say whatever is in your heart

    once you are out of the country

    Do you understand? just pretend

    otherwise you will end up in jail

    for the rest of your life

  • 4 months ago

    Go to the Canadian embassy and ask for asylum.

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