What is the title of this Manga?

Hopefully I remember it correctly, but here goes!

It's a fantasy romance manga, i believe about two heavenly factions. There are two main characters, the guy is the crown prince, and the girl is has the power of the winter general. I believe the prince used to have a brother, and they were fairly close until circumstances pushed them apart and the brother turned dark? also the girl is very simple minded and unlike the male MC's family, her family is lazy, and not ambitious whatsoever. I think its also gender bender because they don't choose their gender till after a certain period of time, she was supposed to be the heir because she drew the short end of the stick, but they made her become female so she could marry the prince. 

Does anyone know what it is?

1 Answer

  • Diana
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    Fairy Tail..................

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