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Why do sea gulls attack anyone for being near their young and pigeons don't ?

They are different, what is it about them?


Can you say first if you are American as I am asking this on Yahoo UK and keep getting irrelevant answers from Yanks

Update 2:

Itt is often on the news, here in UK

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  • JimZ
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    2 months ago

    Most birds will do something.  A plover might pretend to have a broken wing to try to distract predators.  A sea gull might dive bomb someone but rarely touch the predator unless it isn't dangerous to the parent.  I have been hit on the shoulder by a neighborhood mockingbird for getting too close to their nest.  A Great Horned Owl and a Cooper's Hawk will actually hit predators.  They are very capable and the deterrence of getting hit by them is adaptive to the species.  It can probably be said that these species breed more successfully if they are very aggressive in the protection of their nest.  If a pigeon tried something similar, it would likely be food and the loss of an adult breeding animal would be mal-adaptive to the species.  Sometimes it is better to just try again.   

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  • 2 months ago

    Actually neither  do-

    Seagulls and Pigeons resort to defensive measures to protect their young! They will divebomb a person, meaning they will fly fast towards a person but will never use their

    talons or beaks to physically attack anyone.

    Have you ever gotten to close to a nest? I can assure you I have multiple times in my life! The first instance was up at my grandparents old cottage, they used to have a garage where they stored food/drinks, and this robin had its nest right under the deck and would divebomb me everytime I walked past. The second instance was when me my brother in law, and niece were fishing and the boat got too close to a seagulls nest, it ended up going up in the air and doing these fake charges at us, but it never meant any harm.

    Pigeons will divebomb too, and they will actually hit you with their wings to shoo a person away, the thing is you just don't hear about it very often.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Almost all birds would attack predators that are near their nests. Eagles and hawks may dive bomb people, and even small sparrows would attack. Of course, they also try to avoid getting caught or hurt while they try to discourage nest robbing. They will not fight to the death to prevent their eggs and young from being eaten.

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