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Phenomenon of empathy, which is always perceiving a specific person with other sensory abilities than the five senses. What do you think?

There are many people who perceive the other person's ego, that is, their experiences and thoughts, such as their mind and thoughts. Such people can only be targeted against specific humans.

It's a psychic phenomenon of sorts.

It seems to me that I'm not mentally ill myself.

On a daily basis, your gaze is on the other person, even if they are backward-looking. When you look at them, you feel it by their gestures. The other person can see the part that they are not aware of in the vision. In other words, a red stranger passing by, who is clearly aware of what he has experienced in the past and remembers it, etc., is always sensing a particular person with a different sensing ability than the five human senses in the complete absence of spatial elements. It's creepy. Apart from the phenomenon of empathy, it feels like a psychic phenomenon. What do you think?

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    Directly feeling another's feelings does seem to function as a sixth sense. And it may be. But probably it is conveyed by the other senses - sight and so on.

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