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Here’s a convo between me and friend tell me what you think?

Her: Hi girl, how are you? 

What about the Ramadan? I hope you are well with your family too! Me: I am doing well, I hope you are too. Everything Is alright with us, everyone is fine here. See ya. 

I got no reply after this. But I got the read notification. The next day was the Ramadan holiday. So I sent her a well wishes for the holiday. She saw it once again, and no reply back.This is a woman I kept contact with after high school. I invited her to my wedding, She actually traveled from her state to mine to attend so I kept contact.  At some point she solicited my mother for A job recommendation. I helped. We talked about some of our personal issues. towards the end of 2019 i reached out to her on two occasions about relationship, and to ask for gift ideas for my moms bday. each time she tells me she is busy and she will get back to me later.Keep in mind she is always on social media. First one she never got back to me. Second one she got back to me a day before the bday. It was too late to get something for my mom at that point. her and my mom were in the same state which is why I asked her for ideas. And for the relationship issue I could understand if she didn’t want to discuss it but all she had to do was to be upfront. She also has a good following on social media, but I saw her as a genuine friend. But after last year I stopped interacting(stop commenting On her stuff etc...) I was still watching though. I was not bitter. so why reach out to me and then act this way? 

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  • Alan H
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    5 months ago

    You stopped interacting; she moved on, as life inevitably does 

    Now you need to move on

  • 5 months ago

    I would give it at least one week for a reply, she may have an understandable reason for not replying.

    I think you might be being too critical. 

    But after a week of no reply, then maybe see what is going on, and if still nothing then you may get an idea that she is no longer interested.

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