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Movie pegasus with human face?

Okay, first off, this was DEFINITELY not a dream.

I'm looking for a ******* movie that I saw once when I was 7 or something. It has a brother and a sister and some slightly older guy. I don't know why he's there. At one point, there are two or three old ladies who ask them to "pick those flowers over there" (not an exact quote). The kids turn around and pick some purple flowers (they look like lavender or something)  and when the kids turn back around the old ladies have morphed into a single white pegasus with a human face.

It has human hair, I think, at the top of its head and maybe a mane that goes down its neck, too.

It's white and a bit iridescent, and shone/reflected the light really well (or maybe it was just shitty CGI. I don't know.)

The kids get on its back and it starts flying along and they come across a pack (flurry? flock?) of the same pegasi (we look at them from above). They are singing. There are no words. It just sounds like generic choral music.

This part of the movie is very green and stuff. I think it's set in a forest? I think in the end of the movie everything is sepia/orange. I remember that the ladies go invisible for some reason but are "still there." I think the kids are sent to get something? Or fight something? I don't remember anything else. Also, the cover of the DVD has a regular pegasus, with a horse head and a black mane. The kids were on its back. The cover was also very orange and I drew what I could remember of it:

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    A Wrinkle in Time (2003)

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