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Did NASA know that Space Shuttle Columbia was damaged?

Was NASA aware of the damage?  Did they choose not to tell the crew?  Or was there nothing they could have done to repair it?

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  • Yes, they knew just at takeoff of the damage but did not tell the crew.  They said 'It was better for them to die unexpectedly': NASA expert reveals Columbia shuttle crew were not told of a problem with re-entry as families mark 10-year anniversary. NASA has revealed that the Columbia crew were not told that the shuttle had been damaged and they might not survive re-entr

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    Yes NASA engineers were well aware that there might be significant damage to the left wing, but due to the angle.of the camera filming the launch, the engineers were not sure exactly WHERE and what the extent of the damage was. During the 2 weeks that Columbia was in orbit NASA apparently did NOT advise the crew because there wasn't anything the crew could do to repair the damage. The CREW probably was aware that there was damage to the left wing. I am pretty sure they discussed it with NASA and you can probably listen to some of the conversations if you are willing to do your own Google or Bing searches. My consulting fee is $20 USD a

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    The other answer makes no logical sense at all. How could NASA know of damage BEFORE the launch? The damage to the left wing occurred DURING the launch, NOT before. Someone is delusional with rage and hate. They need to take their meds. Good morning!

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