Which anime is more smart?

Yugioh or Deathnote?


Whenever I watched yugioh my brain got mushed from the concept and I lost track

1 Answer

  • Death Note is more smart.

    Yu-Gi-Oh, even when a player cheats and tells other player, the other player just doesn't seem to understand. Which makes them pretty stupid. Just like when Mai was telling Joey every card she was drawing and Joey was like, "How does she know that? Is she really psychic?" If that happened to me, I'll be like, "She's telling me her entire hand. Dumb move. I'm about to come up with a strategy to whoop her @ss." Then in Arc-V where Yuya change the rules in the meddle of a battle because he was losing and created a new dueling rules and everyone was find with that because the duel disk registered it. In real life, the judge would have known the rules and disqualified him and band him for hacking the duel disk.

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