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Was it an undercover cop?

So 2 days ago a random middle aged lady, that was in the same convenience store as me, stopped me on my way out. She was attractive and had on short shorts with many tattoos. She asked me if I knew where to get some marijuana. I said yes, we exchanged numbers and she said she would text me. We text a few times shortly after. A quick backstory she said herself, her husband, and 3 kids had recently moved near from out of town and had no connections for bud. 

Then earlier today she texted me asking if I could get $20 worth. She picked me up and brought me to my friend/dealers house. She drove a black mini van. It had trash in it and 2 car seats. 

She parked in front of house, I hopped out, went in, got the bud and came back out. She brought me home and that was it. The girl was thankful and was very friendly.

But now I'm freaking out cause neither the girl nor my friend/dealer is responding to my texts. My friend almost always responds very quickly. It's been 4-5 hours or so now as I'm asking this. I'm worried it might have been a set-up and I made it way too easy for them to find my dealer.

Am I just being paranoid. I would have been arrested too right? Please ease my mind so I can sleep lol.

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    NO. An undercover officer would NOT approach you, PERIOD.

    besides, if you agreed to help someone buy illegally , the next time you saw the person, there would be handcuffs involved it they were an officer.

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    Why would they arrest someone too ignorant to understand the stupidity of doing what you just made up? They'll just use you again after you find another source. It'll probably be the same woman, too, since you aren't smart enough o recognize her.

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    Could it be the Police?  Possibly.  DEA is a better possibility.  It is NOT true that you could not be set up.  Not true at all.  Do you think the Police would tell the truth about how you met?  No.

    Sure, you could have been set up.  She won't be the first nor will she be the last person to approach another person for illegal drugs.  It's possibly she turned informant AFTER SHE was arrested.

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    Don't worry. I'm sure she's only after stupid people! Oh, wait....

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