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why do people who are neighbors each hire their own lawn mowing services instead of using their neighbors lawn service too?


if saw that your next door neighbor had a guy that seemed to do a very good job, was dependable and you also heard he didnt charge too much. why would you want to call anyone else? as I have noticed that in my neighborhood as well as other neighborhoods that I work in...every neighbor has their own lawn service. not calling or hiring the person next door or across the street and i was curious as to why this is?

Update 2:

I mean , i know people like to have their "own look" for their lawn and maybe hiring the person that your neighbor has would make your lawn look like theirs too much? making it less individual look? maybe that is what it is? or is it a PRIVACY thing? maybe they are fearing that if they hire their next door neighbors lawn service and things end up badly that it would put them in bad standing with their neighbor too? other?

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    It has to do with privacy.

    Not many people enjoy others talking behind their backs.

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    If you have your own lawn mowing provider, then your can compare this to the job done on the neighbour's property. Is it better, worse, similar and how much is charged? Neighbours invariably chat with each other about this and may end up having the same provider. 

    Often though, it's good to maintain separate services as a form of competition. If one person or company locks a whole neighbourhood, then they may feel righteous in jacking up prices.

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  • 2 months ago

    That’s the way we do it where I live.  Saves everybody money.  

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