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What Happened to The 1960's Drug Scene?

I was watching an old rerun of the "Dragnet" TV show, made in 1969, with Jack Webb and Harry Morgan, where they had an episode about a 19-year old kid who overdosed on heroin. I grew up in that time period.  I was 3 in 1960, and I was 13 in 1970.

Everyone was quite properly concerned about drug abuse (LSD, heroin, speed, etc.), a lot of it by white teenagers with well-to-do permissive "Dr. Spock" parents.  It seems like it went away after the 1960's.  I am not complaining, and I think that is great, but what happened?

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    Those Dragnet episodes featuring drug use make for comedic parody nowadays. However the use of drugs is as common today as it was in the 1960s, if not moreso. There just isn't the same counter-culture elements of the sixties.

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    Some of it made it to adulthood, parenthood and family hood.  Some that is.  Not all.  Some ended up who knows where.  Try another galaxy perhaps.  Or are still spinning off into the deep unknown never to return.  

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    In the 80's everyone started using cocaine. It was cheaper and easer to use and mostly was out of your system by the next day.

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    You must have your head planted way up. It`s WORSE than EVER.

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