Human activities have affected more than?


Human activities have affected more than _______ 

Update 2:

In process of cellular respiration, carbohydrate combines with _____ to produce carbon dioxide _____ , and energy

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  • 1 month ago

    "Human activities have affected more than 80% of the terrestrial surface of our planet,  resulting in dramatically altered patterns of global biodiversity"


    That's what Google found.  That is ridiculous.  We've affected all of Earth's surface, and also some of the Moon.

    o Anthropogenic carbon dioxide production affects all of the atmosphere and thus all of the surface.

    o Anthropogenic particulates (think diesel and chimney smoke) fall just about everywhere.

    o Put 'em together and you have anthropogenic global warming and ocean acidification.

    o Don't even ask where the lead went from decades of burning leaded gasoline.  Want to become a conspiracist?  Here's a good topic.

    o Microplastic particles contaminate the ocean.

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