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Can being in a relationship actually make you more happy?

I'm gay and depressed and I've never had a pysical relationship. I do think it's because I'm alone and I don't have much of a choice in my situation either. I'm 20 years old and live with my mom and graduated 2019. And I do think the fact that I'm gay actually makes things much worse which I had to hear homophobic comments not just by students but by teachers as well trying to discredit gay people. And I'm somewhat happy that I graduated high school so I don't have to listen to what they have to say anymore. But yeah a lot of my friends were aware that I was gay and basically yeah they don't want anything to do with me. Really when I graduated high school it became a we'll keep you as friends on Facebook but we don't want to have any associatation with you. Even in high school I had to deal with that but now that we're not forced together I only got my mom to psycially talk to. And yeah basically my mom has told me like she doesn't want men coming over to her house and she doesn't want to be driving me over to my boyfriend's house. My mom also doesn't want me to leave and she is furious by the idea of me going to live on my own away from her. But I also think loneliness is the reason I'm depressed.

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    Not necessarily. You can be in a relationship and be the most unhappiest person ever and you can be single and be the most happiest person ever. It all depends on the relationship and the situation

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