What are some things you would want to learn or know about when coming out of abusive situations?

I am doing some market research with regards to women ages 18-65 who have been through abusive relationships. I am specifically looking at spousal abuse and parent to child abuse. I know that after women have moved away from the abuser(s) it can be difficult to get your life into a state of thriving instead of surviving. Many women who have been abused loose their identity and have no idea who they are and how to take care of themselves. I am researching to see what kinds of things women would want to learn or know about with regards to learning how to thrive instead of just survive day to day life after abuse. Please put your comments down below. Any and all comments are much appreciated. There is no right or wrong answer. The more honest your comments are the better this will be for my research. Thank you.

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    5 months ago
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    How not to repeat.

    Identifying the common denominator.


    People always ask, “Why don’t you just leave?”  That may seem like a simple solution, but leaving is usually complicated because of children, economic reasons, fear of retaliation, low self esteem, the need for validation, or simply just not knowing how to escape.

    Also, the person receiving the abuse is just 1/2 of the equation.  Why isn’t there more emphasis put on the psychology of the person doing the abusing?  Abusers generally were also victims of abuse.  Most people assume that only men abuse, but women can be abusive to their partners as well.

    In spite of all the criticism abuse victims get no one actually wants to be abused.  They may believe they don’t deserve better or simply mistake abuse for love.  In any case, it (the feeling) never goes away and will forever reshape your view of people and the world.

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    I believe that these women after coming from abusive relationships need to learn good mental and emotional health.

    When we are adolescents, our parents give us the life skills to become self-reliant, independent and responsible for ourselves.  These women usually lack these basic skills.  They cannot assert themselves in a healthy way.  They do not love and respect themselves nor do they understand their basic rights as free human beings.  And they often do not know what a healthy relationship is.

    And these life skills and coping skills are a lot to learn once you are grown.

    And remember that in some religions and family dynamics, women are shamed if they are not dependent, obedient, self-sacrificing and easily controlled by others.  And shame can harm a growing woman and keep her from being healthy and a functional adult.

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    5 months ago

    probably how to get away from the person

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