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My child hood friend we are like sisters.

We both have adult children.

My friends daughter smokes cannabis out side the house  once a day.

The problem is my friend finds it hard to 

Talk about substance mis-use with her daughter and she feels that her daughter is an adult and  the majority of young adults smoke cannabis).

My friend is fearful of confrontation.

I have tried to encourage my friend to broach the subject with her  daughter and consider getting help for her daughter.

What is your thoughts?  

 Should I get involved to help support my friend 

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    The majority of young adults DON'T smoke pot. It's good that you've suggested your friend talk to her daughter, but you shouldn't get any more involved than just suggesting. The daughter is an adult.

    If the daughter brings the pot into her mother's house/car, the mother should be very concerned about that if pot is illegal where they live.

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    If your friend's daughter is an adult, it's her choice and right to smoke weed. Not sure why you're sticking your nose in. LOL why does her daughter need "help"?

    Maybe tell her daughter you think she needs help for smoking weed once a day and watch her laugh hysterically.

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    Does the daughter need help? There's a difference between use and mis-use and many people use cannabis daily to treat different disorders and conditions without it negatively impacting their lives... even if it's purely recreational. If there are other concerns, like the daughter is abusive to her mother, absolutely get involved. Otherwise, her daughter is an adult and if they are not in a situation where using cannabis will be troublesome (if your friend and her daughter live together in a home where they use assistance to pay rent/mortgage/utilities) then maybe encourage her to simply have a dialogue with her daughter about what using cannabis means for her.

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    Where I live, it is entirely legal and any neighbor or parent who thinks that their adult child need be confronted for smoking cannabis on the property where they live is out of line. Would she need to get "help" for her daughter if the adult daughter was having a glass of wine a day? That's legal and considered quite normal as well. I think you do not need to get involved in this very personal issue between your friend and her adult daughter. If the property belongs to your friend and she can't tolerate how her tenant (child) is behaving then she can ask her to move.

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