Help help help ! Please !?

Unsteady gait,balance problem,brain fog,thinking not clear Mri reveal nothing its been 6 months now?


MRI reveal nothing and i am excessively salivating a mucus in my saliva and i dont have cold or cough my throat is completely fine 

Update 2:

My vagina is dry most of the time i dont have any discharge all day ?

Update 3:

I am in my bed most of the time all day 

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  • Edwena
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    5 months ago
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    What does the doctor say? Ask him what kind of diseases you could have and what kind of a specialist he would suggest you see.   Have him make the arrangements to see his suggested specialist.  You might have had a mild stroke.  MRI's are no better than the radiologist looking at them.  You are probably at a low level of healthcare. 

  • .
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    5 months ago

    Not every illness or condition can be diagnosed from an MRI. Your symptoms could be many things (Parkinson's came to mind, only because I personally know someone with that disease).

    Discuss further diagnostic tests with your doctor or switch doctors. 

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