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What should be the reaction in such situations?

There is this guy whom I have met recently through a friend. He asks me some 5000 inr (65 usd) which he said he would return me the very next month.

I lend it to him without a second thought coz I was stupid enough thinking he is a nice guy but he wasn't he was not keeping his promise which made me angry as he was making me fool. The other day I asked him and his friends whether they are coming to the restaurant never did I say I would pay the bill but for some reason I refused to pay I pretend I don't have money. they came we ate the bill for a dinner but I didn't have intentions to pay the restaurant bill the bill came I just pretend I don't have enough money later I knew they didn't have enough money and they collected each other and pay it. We didn't have a word about this until we left. And the next day I reminded this guy of his loan and suddenly he was screaming shouting etc saying I am a stingy guy look what he did yesterday in the restaurant I called them for dinner and I left without contribution or paying the bill he even said he wanted to kick my *** for this reason. How would you react in such situation if you were me? I was kinda humiliated and felt bad. Would you scream back at him or just walk away realising you were wrong? Was I really wrong here or the guy who's not paying back his loan? Please clear my head!

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    This was extremely hard to follow... so, you loaned someone money, with the stipulation they pay you back the following month. That didn't happen. So, you invited this person and another person to dinner at a restaurant and then made them pay for you. The next day you remind this guy he owes you money and you are surprised when he goes off about you refusing to pay for your own meal? I would want to kick your *** as well. So, you drug another person AND the staff of a restaurant into your petty revenge instead of being an adult and just talking to the guy you loaned money to? What did the other person do to you? What did the restaurant and the staff do to you? You were in the wrong.

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