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is it against yahoo answers policy to ask hypothetical questions to learn why people think the way they do about a subject?

i can't actually understand the TOS  to begin with and the quize they have to train you what is and is not a violation does not clerify on this so i am wondering if it is a violation to ask hypotheticals,


i ask as i am aware there is no way for the details of a hypothetical question to not come off as rant or chat and this gives people the ability to wrongly flag it.

i want to make sure that people can ask what if questions on here to be sure.

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    Whether hypothetical  questions violate the TOS contract or not has always been a gray area that people have argued about for years. Very likely that will never be resolved since Yahoo and Verizon employees very rarely get involved any more. Even when you appeal something you feel was falsely reported you have no idea if a Yahoo/Verizon employee reads your appeal or it is word processed by a computer program. The same may be true for suspended account appeals. A few high level accounts have been suspended recently and they have won those appeals.

    Thank you for mentioning the community guidelines quiz. I asked months ago if that quiz still existed. NO ONE gave me a a straight yes or no answer. I got snarky insulting answers. I did not choose a best answer. I had assumed the test was no longer there, but I was still wondering.


    You CAN take that test as many times as you want until you get 6 of the 10 answers correct. 

    Different people interpret the community guidelines and the terms of the TOS contracts differently. To add to the confusion, different countries have different TOS contracts. The USA TOS contract is very long and full of legal language that many people do not understand PR want to understand. The U.K and Ireland TOS contract was

    relatively short. 

    Yahoo/ Verizon can change either the CG or the terms of the TOS contract at any time for any reason. They are NOT legally required to notify or email us of those changes.

    Hypothetical questions will always be a gray area that people will always argue about. 

    Both your question and my Answer many people will claim are rants or are intentionally provoking. You CAN appeal.

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    The site was designed for questions seeking useful information or to benefit from the experience of others, so it could become a repository of facts/data that anyone could access. Consider any question that can have no actual 'best' answer (correct or useful) is likely a violation. 

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    Depends on the way you have it Worded if your just posting just Opinion Related Questions those are Violations for Chat but If you Post something thats Knowledge seeking then it mite be ok

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    My partial answer is that you definitely should not post questions about the answerer, so no "what do you think.....?¨  or "do you .... ?"

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    The trick is to make sure your questions ask for facts (even if opinion) and not just pure opinion. For example, "Should Trump open the country again?" is not a good form. "What steps should Trump consider in opening the country again?" is a good form. The first can be answered yes/no, the second requires some usable facts. Answer your own question, if you can do yes/no, true/false. that stinks, what an idiot, etc, it is not a good form since you are not asking for facts. If those are what you want to ask with Facebook and Reddit are better options where you can create that type of poll. As I said, examples would help since there are other reasons for violations.

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    Not at all, but questions like "why do all gay people go to hell?" or "after Donald Trump has a second term?"  are not good questions.

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